Running for better sex?

We have less sex, studies say. Ten years ago, the average person enjoyed bed pleasures up to seven times a month. Today, according to studies, this number has been reduced to just four acts. Why is that so? The answers are different, but the main factor remains the old known stress. Each of us experiences a certain amount of stress every day. It's a common thing that no one can avoid, and it's okay, because every situation can teach us something new. The problem arises when occasional stressful situations become chronic stress, ie permanent. We lie in the arms of our partner, but we are still thinking about completely different things than sex. Mental health conditions, such as stress and anxiety, can also affect how our brain signals your body's physical response. For example, in an erection, stress and anxiety can interrupt the way the brain sends messages to the penis to allow extra blood flow.

How to solve this difficult situation? The answer is running. Running is an ideal choice for so-called shutdown. We will focus only on the movement itself, which will keep us in what is happening right here and now. Thoughts about what was or what will be will slowly but surely fade. The whole body is perfused when running from head to toe and you feel much better. This is especially appreciated by men who have erection problems. Running also increases our self-confidence, which also has a positive effect on our libido. Research shows that people who exercise sports perceive their bodies much better and also feel more in demand in the bedroom. This is confirmed by a study from 2013, when women taking antidepressants performed aerobic training half an hour before the love act. The result was a reduced effect of medications and at the same time an increased desire for sex. The women got aroused much faster and also reached an orgasm faster, which was much more intense.

So we already know that running helps to have a better sexual experience, but how to run without harming our health? For a healthy and comfortable run, the most important thing is to choose the right shoes. You can read about which shoes to choose and also about the individual differences between them here. To determine the right shoes, it is also important to know if your ankle is not bending inwards or outwards. We offer detailed foot diagnostics at the AD Sport store, Broučkova 7150, 760 01 Zlín. You can book an appointment here.

Our personal favorites include the Asics GEL-NIMBUS 23, which has GEL ™ technology under its heel and tip, which helps dampen shocks. The midsole contains FLYTEFOAM material ™, which ensures a more energetic run. The so-called GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC ™ guideline provides the shoe with stability, reduces the total weight and prolongs its service life.

Another great piece is the Nike AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 37 W. Thanks to the Nike React foam in the midsole, the shoe is very light, flexible and durable. The Air Zoom unit in the front of the foot is enlarged, so it brings more reflection with each step. Ideal for everyday running.

Last but not least, we would like to recommend the adidas ADIZERO RC 3, which are suitable for every sports enthusiast. They are designed for runners both short and long distances. They have a mesh upper, a rubber sole with Lightstrike cushioning foam. It takes care of the absorption of shocks when in contact with the road.