Mens sneakers Asics Tiger GELSAGA SOU blue

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The men's GELSAGA™ SOU sportstyle shoe by ASICSTIGER™ is a stylish and comfortable shoe for a range of activities. The clean-cut design features GEL™ technology within. This technology offers enhanced cushioning, making this one seriously comfortable shoe.

  • California lasting
  • Mesh and synthetic leather upper
  • Classic design
  • No-sew toe reinforcement
  • Visible GEL™ technology on the midsole
  • Saga-inspired overlay
  • Clean and sleek design
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Damping and stability. These two requirements are combined in the revolutionary ASICS GEL™ system. The shock and force of pressure will decrease, the leg will receive support when carrying the load, and poorly executed movements are

The ASICS GEL™ cushioning system is made up of different GEL™ components. They are made of fatigue-resistant silicone materials, which allows the high resistance of the GEL™ components during exposure to loads. This property of the material stabilizes the foot at the first contact with the surface.

Additionally, ASICS GEL™ pads are placed in the heel part, under the joint of the thumb and the belly, i.e. in sections where there is a high vertical load between the impact and rebound phases. Due to the fact that the material is extra thin, at most 4 mm, the weight of the shoe is also reduced, the contact with the surface is also improved and the risk of injury due to twisting of the foot is limited.

At the first contact of the heel with the surface, a force of 2-3 times the body weight acts on the body. It depends mainly on the runner's speed. ASICS GELTM, while supporting the material and construction of the entire sole, absorbs the impact of the toes. In addition, so-called flexible areas are integrated into the heel part of the sole, which stabilize the foot with the help of planned deformation. In the front, the ASICS GELTM system reduces the impact that occurs during the rebound phase.

In doing so, the resulting shear forces are neutralized with the help of the sole material. Tailor-made degrees of hardness and shape, meet the requirements of different loads. The result is a natural surface feel.

Thoughtfully spaced flexible grooves distribute the pressure of the load while transferring the center of gravity through the toes into the rebound.


  • More comfort thanks to effective damping and stability.
  • Material fatigue resistance and durability.
  • Reduced risk of injury due to lower impact forces.
  • Functional reduction of impact and pressure forces.
  • Direct contact with the surface.
  • Limited lever action (during pronation and supination).
  • A stable foundation for lateral forces as well.
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