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Explanation of the concept of cookies

Cookies, or a small text file, are created by visiting any website. This text file stores information on how our website is maintained. The stored information will provide us with a wide range of options for distinguishing individual users and tailoring the displayed information to each one to meet their requirements and preferences.

The effect of using cookies on your privacy

The operator of the online store, the company MAV Trading sro, Dolečky I 535, ZIP code 763 14, Zlín-Štípa, IČ: 292 63 671, DIČ: CZ29263671 (administrator), respects the privacy of everyone who visits our website, information that thanks to cookies we obtain, we use them fully to improve our services.

We highly protect the personal data of our buyers and we communicate them to other persons or companies only to the extent necessary, which complements our services for you (eg carriers, thanks to which we can deliver the ordered goods). In some cases, however, the provision of personal data may be required by law.

You can modify, change or revoke your personal data at any time, in any way, or withdraw your consent to their processing. If you have any additional questions in this matter, do not hesitate to contact us at