Nike MERCURIAL VAPOR 14 PRO FG presses with a synthetic upper with a redesigned design. It combines the basic elements of speed and is adapted to optimal contact with the ball thanks to good grip. The cushioned insole inside is the basis of wearing comfort. The innovative V-shaped outsole, which engages in all directions at every step, guarantees an immediate response when zigzagging at high speed. Its front part is the Nike Aerotrak zone with grooves involved in lightning acceleration. They are designed for solid natural surfaces.


  • New design.
  • Synthetic upper with adhesive surface.
  • Nike Aerotrak zone for lightning acceleration.
  • Damped insole inside.
  • Innovative sole.
Product code:
firm ground (FG/MG/AG-PRO)
Nike Aerotrak

Nike Aerotrak

Taking inspiration from speed cycling shoes that clip into pedals, the new Nike Aerotrak plate serves as the power transfer area. In conjunction with the revamped internal chassis, Nike’s Aerotrak plate delivers more snap than its predecessor. It is intentionally minimalist, leaving only what is truly needed — and shaving weight off the boot in the process.

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