The adidas EURO24 COM soccer ball is inspired by the official match ball of the biggest European soccer tournament - Euro 24 . The League version combines seamless TSBE construction with a durable butyl core. Thanks to this, you will work with the ball more precisely and better. It has the FIFA Quality certificate, which guarantees the quality of the goods. The shell of the ball contains recycled materials, which adidas uses in order not to unnecessarily burden the environment with the production of new materials.

The ball is deflated . If you would like to send it inflated, please let us know in the notes of your order.

If you want to inflate the ball yourself, we can offer you a pump to buy.


  • design inspired by the Euro 24 match ball
  • quality guarantee certificate
  • seamless construction
  • quality butyl inner tube
  • recycled materials
Product code:
100% recycled TPU
FIFA Quality

FIFA Quality

Balls with the FIFA logo undergo comprehensive testing. Balls produced in this way are approved by FIFA for indoor or outdoor use.


Test 1: Deduction of the ball

To estimate the flight path well, the ball must have constant circumference measurements. The circumference is measured in ten different places. These measurements are used to calculate the average circumference. Balls with the FIFA Quality logo must have this value of 68 to 70 cm, FIFA Quality Pro balls must have a circumference between 68.5 and 69.5 cm.

Test 2: Roundness of the ball

Inaccurate stitching can deform the ball. The average is measured at sixteen places. The average is determined from these measurements. The two limit values can differ from the average by only 2% (for FIFA Quality balls), or even only 1.5% (FIFA Quality Pro).

Test 3: Rebound

The ball is dropped ten times onto a steel plate from a height of two meters. FIFA Quality balls must bounce to a height of 115 cm to 165 cm , FIFA Quality Pro only 120 cm to 165 cm . The difference between individual rebounds must not be greater than 10 cm .

Test 4: Weight

Each tested ball is weighed three times in a special container. This container is sealed so that any air leakage from the ball does not affect the weighing. FIFA Quality balls should weigh between 410 and 450 g . FIFA Quality Pro marked balls should weigh between 420 and 445 g .

Test 5: Absorption

In this test, the ball rotates and is immersed 250 times in a container with 2 cm of water. FIFA Quality balls can absorb a maximum of 15% of their original weight . FIFA Quality Pro can only absorb 10%.

Test 6: Pressure loss

The behavior of a ball that loses pressure during play is difficult to predict. In this test, the ball is inflated with air to a pressure of one atmosphere. In three days (72 hours), the pressure in the ball is measured again. In order to bear the FIFA Quality mark, the ball must not lose more than 25% of its original pressure. FIFA Quality Pro balls must not lose more than 20% .

Test 7: Constancy of shape and size

In this test, the ball is fired 2000 times against a steel plate at a speed of 50 km/h. Both the seams and the inner must pass this test unscathed. The loss of pressure and the change in shape and circumference of the ball must be minimal. Only balls with the FIFA Quality Pro seal undergo this test.

Test 8: Balancing the ball

In this test, the ball must maintain its trajectory when launched in a straight direction. The ball is set in motion so that it rolls on a horizontal surface in a straight direction and it is observed how many degrees the ball has deviated from its original straight path. Only futsal balls undergo this test. FIFA Quality balls can deviate by a maximum of 7.5° and FIFA Quality Pro balls by a maximum of 5°.

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