Men's slippers Under Armor IGNITE SELECT will come in handy when walking on the beach or by the water. You will definitely use them for a relaxing walk after a demanding sport. The slippers are very comfortable and offer a high level of support. The sturdy strap with the UA logo is finished with rounded edges to avoid chafing the skin. Thanks to the memory foam, the slippers adapt well to your foot and every step will be comfortable. The sole and insole made of durable EVA foam offer good cushioning and this material also increases the overall life of the entire shoe.


  • to the water or for relaxation after sports
  • high level of comfort
  • sole with good traction
  • endurance
  • solid band with rounded edges
  • memory foam
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Ethylene vinyl acetate. Soft, light and flexible polymer. One of the cheapest midsole materials, but also one of the least durable.

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