Nike Metcon 9

New Nike Metcon 9

 Introducing the latest addition to our family of athletic footwear - the Nike METCON 9, designed for the most demanding training and performance sports. This training shoe delivers even more durability and stability than its predecessors and has earned the trust of many a top athlete. Compared to previous models, you can choose from a variety of colorways.


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How are they better than the previous Metcon 8 series?

1. Hyperlift for stability

The new version of the Nike METCON 9 boasts an even larger Hyperlift plate in the heel area, providing not only stability but also strength during demanding exercises such as lunge squats and deadlifts.

 2. Reinforcement for safety

The rubber band on the sides of the shoes has been optimized for even greater durability, providing the necessary support during various movement activities such as rope climbing.

 3. Comfort during exercise

The midsole features dual density - firm foam on the outside and soft on the inside. It therefore offers comfort even during intense cardio exercises.

What other benefits to expect?

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Breathable upper - made of lightweight, breathable mesh that keeps your feet fresh while resisting scuffs and scratches

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Lace lock - ensures that your shoes don't untie even during the toughest workout, providing security and peace of mind during movement

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Non-slip sole - for the ideal gym workout, the shoes have been developed with a durable non-slip sole

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Made from recycled materials - Nike cares about ecology, so the shoes are partly made from used products or production waste

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