Cleaning emulsion Collonil CARBON LAB CLEANING SOLUTION 100 ml

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The cleaning emulsion Collonil Carbon LAB CLEANING SOLUTION is a great helper for cleaning sneakers. Thanks to the unique Carbon technology, it can quickly clean any sneakers or sports shoes. This special Carbon technology was developed precisely for these purposes, and the cleaning emulsion is part of the Collonil Carbon Lab product line, which is specifically designed for effective cleaning of sneakers and sports shoes.

Instructions for use:

Apply the emulsion to a cloth, sponge or brush and clean the surface of the shoes with circular movements. Before the first application, check the stability of the color and the effect of the product on a small and less visible place. Leave to dry until the next day. Then polish the smooth leather, roughen the sanded leather. You don't have to do anything with the fabric. Subsequently, we recommend using Collonil Carbon Sneaker Care or another suitable product for skin nutrition, hydration and impregnation.

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Carbon technology is considered one of the most effective impregnations on the market. It contributes to the longer life of products.

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Collonil received a Sustainability Certificate for its products from an internationally recognized German institute.

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