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Special material designed for temperatures between +23°C and +37°C. Clothes made of this material are highly breathable and wick away sweat super fast. HeatGear® keeps you drier, lighter and cooler than ever.


Keeps you cool when it's hot.

The revolutionary HeatGear® fabric, which leaves a pleasant feeling of coolness even in hot weather. It is at temperatures between +23°C and +37°C that HeatGear® products come in handy. The Moisture Transport System is always included, i.e. a technology whose task is to divert sweat from your body to the surface of the material. Sweat evaporates on the surface and you stay dry with a pleasant feeling.

As well as sweat wicking technology, the Compression fit is also included. It is thanks to the compression cut that perfectly hugs the body that the full potential of HeatGear® can be manifested. Thanks to 4-Way Stretch , the compression material is durable and stretchable in all 4 directions. If you choose compression clothing, keep in mind that it should not be loose, but should feel like a "second skin".