Anti-Odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. The technology is applied to almost all Under Armor products.


Say NO to the smell of sweat.

You must have experienced it before. You come into the gym's locker room and the overwhelming smell of sweat hits your nose. It's nothing abnormal, sweat is a part of exercise and everyone sweats. After a certain period of time, sweat begins to develop its specific odor. And the smell doesn't have to be a part of exercise anymore.

At Under Armour , they decided to take a spin with smelly sweat molecules. Anti-Odor is a specific technology in the vast majority of clothing from Under Armour . This fabric is made from fibers that have been treated with silver. Precisely because silver has a great property - it is antimicrobial. And the molecules of sweat that create an unpleasant odor are precisely microorganisms.