After years of branding cotton as the enemy, Under Armor has taken what Mother Nature did and made it better. Charged Cotton® provides the same comfort as cotton, but dries much faster and works with the athlete's body.


A new level of cotton.

Another of the Under Armor technologies that you, as a true athlete, must have in your wardrobe. Classic cotton , as we know it and we all have it in our wardrobe, is not an ideal material for the production of sportswear. Cotton quickly absorbs sweat , which does not drain away, and also dries slowly . This way you feel wet for the rest of the exercise and you can see everything.

That's why Under Armor came up with a new level of cotton . Charged Cotton® is an improved cotton that retains a pleasant feeling of wear, but its properties are on a new level. Thanks to the treatment, it becomes essentially a functional material of natural origin . It wicks sweat away from the skin and ventilates it to the surface. In addition, it also has better drying properties - it dries up to 5 times faster than classic cotton.

Are you ready to try a new level of cotton?