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The UA HOVR™ system is a state-of-the-art damping material with excellent energy recovery. The soft HOVR™ foam combined with the dynamic Energy Web creates an amazing feeling of zero gravity and return on energy from every step.


Experience the sensation of zero gravity.

Each manufacturer has its own technology for running shoe midsoles. And Under Armor is no exception. We present to you UA HOVR™ - cushioning layer technology for the midsoles of Under Armor running shoes . It will give you the feeling as if you are floating above the road. UA enters races with a damping system that provides not only proper damping, but also high energy return. So this technology consists of two main components - Super soft foam and UA Energy Web .

Super soft foam

What makes it special? It absorbs shock and keeps your legs feeling as fresh on the last kilometer as they were on the first. It is made with a patented foam mixture that won't leave you in the lurch.

UA Energy Web

A key part of this damping system is the Energy Web mesh fabric, which has the task of returning energy to the reflection. Under Armour's chief designer explains that they worked with the knowledge that every step a runner takes has an impact of 2-4 times their body weight. That's why they decided to incorporate the Energy Web, which will return this accumulated energy back.