On CLOUD 5 W women's sneakers are loved by millions of people around the world. They are designed to provide maximum comfort throughout the day and during any activity. They feature a CloudTec® midsole for a soft, cushioned ride and cushioning with every step forward. Thanks to the clever Speedboard™ technology that harnesses kinetic energy to gain higher speed, you'll be propelled forward to your dream personal best.

The upper part consists of a breathable antimicrobial mesh fabric glued with reinforcements. The specially shaped heel holds the foot securely in place. Quick lacing allows you to slip into the shoe quickly and comfortably. The shoes are 44% made from recycled materials.


  • the best-selling shoes of the company On
  • maximum comfort in any situation
  • flexible, soft tread
  • great damping
  • partly made from recycled materials
  • breathable upper
  • quick lacing
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7 mm
223 g


Innovative CloudTec® technology offers runners a soft, cushioned footing and excellent cushioning with every step forward. Thanks to this, it ensures comfortable running or walking even on long routes. This is a completely unique suspension system that was designed by specialists in Switzerland. This material effectively absorbs shock, reduces strain and adapts to your running style to create the sensation of running on clouds. When running, this part of the shoe deforms horizontally and offers the aforementioned properties.

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Smart Speedboard™ technology uses kinetic energy to gain higher speed.

Energy is a key element in any sport. The more she eats, the faster she runs. Speedboard™ technology harnesses the energy produced when you move and converts it into momentum, so you're accelerated and pushed forward.

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