Womens two-piece swimsuit Puma SWIM BANDEAU TOP W black

35,40 EUR
Common price: 38,80 EUR
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The Puma SWIM BANDEAU TOP W women's two-piece swimsuit impresses at first glance with its distinctive PUMA print on the straps. There is a Cat logo on the front. The straps and cups are removable, so you can customize the top to your liking. A soft, durable fabric was used for the swimsuit, which is not afraid even of long-term exposure to chlorinated water.

The package contains only the upper part of the swimsuit . We recommend buying, for example, this lower part in the same style.


  • interesting, colorful print of the straps
  • removable cups
  • removable hangers
  • soft, durable fabric
  • protection against chlorine
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