The biggest specialists in running shoes and more. It's Asics! Running is their domain, but they are no slouch in other sports either. A brand that made a major breakthrough in shoe cushioning and was the first to design shoes in response to the needs of the athlete.

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Running shoes with technologies will provide cushioning, comfort, energy return, stability and allow you to use the full potential of your body. Asics shoes will help you improve your running and achieve your dream results. The famous patented GEL technology effectively absorbs shocks when running or walking and thus protects your joints. Midsole foam with a high return (50-70% depends on the model) will save you energy and the geometry of the sole will lead you forward. However, Asics doesn't just dominate in footwear, you definitely can't go wrong with this brand 's running clothing either.

Asics, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano, a healthy mind in a healthy body, is a sports brand with a holistic approach. Since its founding by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka in 1949 (then as Onitsuka Co. Ltd.), Asics' mission has always been to elevate people's minds by providing quality products. This is not the only reason why Asics, as one of the few companies, produces pronation shoes. The shoes are designed with great emphasis on injury prevention.

Asics has a long-standing tradition in the production of clothing , where, as with shoes, emphasis is placed on every detail, functionality and maximum comfort. And as a bonus, it will remind you "Sound Mind, Sound Body" on the seams/tags/laces. "